XtremepowerUS Lemon Orange Squeezer 2019

While some individuals prefer to utilize green leafy vegetables to get their juices, others want to use fruits like oranges to get their vitamin C and nutrients. But, given a chance, no one wants to manually squeeze either the vegetables or the fruits to obtain their juice. That is where Xtreme power juicer model comes in as one of the best commercial-grade juicers to save you from spreading the pulp all over. Many have given it a 4.6 stars average rating in commercial and domestic use.



It is a high capacity and powerful juicer yet suitable in domestic circumstances. Its high-quality stainless steel case and anti-corrosion materials build to make it desirable for many. Its fruit auto feed system enables it to squeeze 20-22 oranges in a single minute.
It can confidently handle oranges of sizeable proportions, between 1.5- 3.7 inches. It Implies that if you put five oranges, you will be able to get eight ounces of your favorite juice. In case you possess a limited counter space, you should not worry since apart from being easy to clean, and store.

Pros and Cons

For restaurant owners or homemakers who need to prepare instant fresh orange juice, the Xtreme squeezer will be a good option for that kind of work. This specialized machine enables you to obtain the best orange juice within few minutes of your time. This fast, easy to use and light weight juicer has made very convenient too for customers or the family to obtain fresh orange juices. It thoroughly squeezes the fruits to give out the flavorful and high-quality juice.

From experience, it is advisable to use this sort of juicer on citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. But, when it comes to bigger fruits and produce, it cannot accommodate them. Some individuals don’t have ogre well with the noise it produces in the process of juice making. Others don’t like the machine’s sharper edges and larger blades than the oranges’ skin. Also, since it slightly priced higher compared to other juicers, some feel it is a bit expensive.

To wrap it Up

If you have the intention of drawing your juices from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, a better option on the market to choose from would be the Xtreme power juicer. It is powerful enough to save your preparation time without any compromise on taste as it generates fantastic juices that you and your family can enjoy. You will not need to constant hassles of slicing and squeezing your fruits anytime you want to obtain the best possible homemade testing juices.

Xtreme power juicer assures you that you get the freshest lemonade that you share with your family. If it is a personal business that you are involved in, your customers will appreciate you when you always provide them with fresh juices. Even more rewarding, is that it is easy to put it together and clean. If you have an intention to produce juices from citrus fruits and have a budget that supports that endeavor, it would be recommendable to obtain this commercial-grade juicer.

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