Things to know before you commence Juicing 2020

Many professionals and magazines have attested to the enormous health benefits of juicing even making it a popular health trend. Many people even think that it is a magic drink but that is not so since it only impacts your health positively. Therefore, there are certain things to know before you commence juicing so as to juice properly instead of just randomly throwing vegetables and fruits into the juicer. So, here are a few things you ought to consider as you start juicing.




a.)   juicing lacks fiber

Juicing has a drawback that you lose the fiber you would have gained from consuming whole fruits and vegetables. Fiber is usually good for removing unnecessary waste products from the digestive system and supporting regular bowel movements. It also has other benefits like helping balance the blood glucose levels, reducing heart disease risk and protecting against cancer.

b.)  Fruit Juices contain high amounts of sugar

There are usually fructose, water, and fiber in fruits. However, when you juice the fruits, the fiber is removed leaving a high-calorie concentration of fructose and water. While adding vegetable juice into your juices can greatly reduce the calorie content, drinking one glass of fruit juice daily can make you gain weight.

c.) It is expensive to juice

Organic veggies and fruits have more nutritional value than their non-organic counterparts. Purchasing large quantities of organic fruits and vegetables to get enough juice is usually more expensive compared to the non-organic ones.

d.)  It is a time-consuming exercise

If you plan to juice regularly know that it is a time-consuming exercise. For instance, it might take about 15 minutes to generate to 2 glasses of juice. So, you will have to commit a significant amount of your daily time if you intend to generate a high volume of juices.

In a summary

Juicing is a fantastic lifestyle but there are certain things you ought to be aware to have a balanced view. It is clear that there are numerous of nutrients you will consume from juicing but you will have to be aware of the juicing process. After you comprehend the above things to know before you commence juicing, we wish that you will have a fantastic juicing exercise that boosts your health.

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