SKG New Generation Wide Chute 2020

For those who are passionate with juicing, masticating juicers, also slow juicers, are the recommended juicers to pick. In comparison with centrifugal juicers, these models usually operate at a lower speed enabling it to generate more juice especially if the ingredients used are vegetables.

Its extraction method involves crushing of ingredients, then, later pressing to extract juice. Even if it is slow and low speed in production, such masticating juicers spend the same amounts of time that other juicer types would take to generate similar juicer amounts.

Regarding cost, masticating juicers are higher priced than best commercial-grade juicers and even more expensive compared to centrifugal juicers. Its efficient production of nutritious juices in large quantities has justified its value to its passionate fans. Try to find for yourself about this SKG New Generation Wide Chute is a good juicer.


One can say that SKG New Generation Wide Chute falls under the sturdiest juicers that can be currently found in the marketplace owing to the fact that it is a 23-pound heavyweight yet it has a high-quality build and utilizes high-grade anti-oxidative materials. Its 3-inch wide mouth chute accommodates large amounts of produce without the need for slicing, thus, reducing the clean-up and prep time.
With its motor running at a 60 RPMs speed while utilizing around 240 watts of power, the model prevents a large portion of nutrients from getting damaged leaving the juice to have a lot of nutrients. The low speed gives minimal oxidation enabling the juices to possess a more natural flavor. Although the amount it produces is reliant on the type of ingredients, it yields up to 90% juice. The manufacturer allocates all parts a five-year warranty but the main body and motor an extended 10-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

For those who want to squeeze plenty of minerals and vitamins from their ingredients, this low-speed model is ideal for that kind of work. Certainly, SKG New Generation Wide Chute model traces other models in terms of the most nutrients that it packs on its juices. Customers can keep the juices natural and healthy owing to its anti-oxidative materials and sturdy built. Arguably, this puts it on par with other best commercial-grade juicers.
It is hard to come across any user who has tangible complaints about this model. However, when commencing the juicing process, it usually generates some noise that tends to irritate other people. A minority of people also find it had to assemble the juicer. Overall, the many five-star reviews that it receives from users far outweigh its detriments as evidenced above.

To wrap it Up

One of the best masticating juicer picks that ensures you experience the most out of the juicing process is probably the SKG New Generation Wide Chute. It’s sturdy nature makes it powerful in producing juices that contain enormous nutrients. Maintenance for this kind of juicer isn’t a problem since it is durable and easy to utilize. Its price rivals other best commercial- grade juicers, but the low speed of operation that it contains is what makes it more efficient than the rest of the juicers.

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