The best blender or juicer in 2020 – which to buy first?

Many first time juicers are still grappling with the question of whether to choose the best blender or juicer. With high-speed blenders and top notch juicers in the market pretty expensive, one bent on exploring a raw juice lifestyle may face a headache when choosing between best blender or juicer. Fortunately, you need not worry because as you read along, you can make an informed decision. But, always remember that when juicing or blending fruits and vegetables make sure you acquire organically grown produce.

Juicing and blending have led many to confusion regarding their nutritional aspects. Some particularly manufacturers have attacked juicing during their PR campaign terming it as a less wasteful and less healthy option. Others from the juice market, claim that their juicer is the best nutrient extractor.

A juiced drink has its benefits just like a blended drink. A blended drink has got fiber that acts like an intestinal broom that cleans the digestive system thereby enhancing health. Juicing, on the other hand, concentrates the nutritional contents contained in vegetables and fruits to get a concentrated dose of phytonutrients that are absorbed into the body to give positive health effects.

Juicing is the procedure of utilizing a juicer to harness the liquid from fruits and vegetables and later discarding the pulp.

Blending involves placing whole fruits or vegetables into a blender to generate a smoothie. Due to the accommodation of fiber, a smoothie will yield greater proportions than a juice of the same vegetables, or fruits portions are utilized.


Difference between the best blender or juicer

A blender usually processes all the fruits and vegetable contents including the fiber portion while a juicer extracts only the juice from the veggies and fruit leaving the fibrous pulp to be thrown away.

Fruits and vegetables with low water content, such as avocados and bananas, can be smashed easily in a blender while getting any juice from such vegetables and fruits is very hard.

Unless you are using large ingredients, you will not need to cut the items but to blend ingredients, cutting them is necessary.

While for juicers you can only use fruits and vegetables for the process, it is possible to have additional ingredients such as powdered supplement in the blenders during the process.

The main use of juicers is to juice the ingredients although other extracts can be used as well but, blenders, for food and smoothie, allow the use of soups, dips, salsas.

Benefits of blender and juicer

Blending benefits

  1. Easy-to-clean: smoothies can be prepared fast since blenders are easy to clean,
  2. Fiber Content: leaves fiber that slows down natural sugar absorption thereby eliminating blood sugar crash or spike. It is for this reason that smoothies do better with fruits as it aids the fruit sugar consumption.
  3. Storage: whereas fresh juices need to be utilized right away as the quality deteriorates after a short time, you can store smoothies for 36 hours in a fridge so that you can utilize later.
  4. Satisfaction: since smoothies have a thick content, they will leave you full as they have a meal-like filling.
  5. Green smoothies; many vegetables can be added to the recipe of the green smoothie, but in most cases, only a few variations of the veggies are needed.
  6. Tastes; harsh tastes like leafy greens can be easily disguised in a smoothie than in fresh juice.

Juicing benefits

  1. easy nutrient absorption; nutrients from fruits and vegetables get absorbed more directly and quickly as there is no fiber for the body to hinder the absorption.
  2. Cleansing ability; healthy and fresh juices easily cleanse the body when taken.
  3. Veggies work better; veggies have a low sugar content which makes it more applicable to a juicing machine as opposed to a blender.
  4. Boosts energy; if you are experiencing low energy, you can easily get a hold of a juice extractor while at home and prepare some fresh juice to boost your energy levels.
  5. Healing abilities; juicing can heal the body especially using a juice fast which treats the digestive problems as it relaxes the body processes.

So what should you opt for, the best blender or juicer

Now you have adequate information on blending and juicing. So, should you select a blender or a juicer? Well! That has been a bone of contention that many healthy eaters grapple to analyze. The choice of the machine will largely depend on what you intend to gain out of the drink.

If you need a drink that can fast replace a meal, then a food blender for making smoothies is the best bet. However, if you require your daily diet to be more of vegetables, then a juicer can be a fantastic machine for harnessing fresh juices. But, know that you will need some more time when juicing than when blending.

Whether you acquire best blender or juicer, make sure you check on the quality so that you get the best machine.

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