Preparing the perfect smoothie in 2020 using the best juicing blender

A perfect smoothie can make your day- it can start your day in the morning or help you pick up in the morning. That is why it is essential to know what the preparation of a perfect and healthy smoothie with the best juicing blender involves. It is that fact that we have taken time to bring you tips that will aid you to prepare a nutritious and delicious, whenever you need one. So, what are the top tips for this exercise?

Involving the right ratios

You can commence the preparation process with availing a liquid base for the smoothie, in two or three mugs.

Some common liquid bases include:

  • Fruit juice flavoured or natural yogurt, milk
  • Dairy-free alternatives like almond milk or soya
  • Coconut water or low-fat coconut milk, if you need a tropical flavored smoothie.


To be cautious in the preparation so that the blade of your best portable blender doesn’t get damaged, add the fruit first to the blender or juicer then later the liquid. Afterward, add your chosen fruit into the mug until it reaches three quarters. If you need a lovely creamy texture for any smoothie, a banana is a nice base to place the flavor bet.

With the Best juicing blender, other fruits that may also work well include;

  • mango, berries, plums,
  • grated pear or apple,
  • plums, melon, and nectarines.

Play around with the ingredients

You are free to play around with the fruits until you achieve your desired texture. Depending on the fruit type you select, several fruits or liquid into the mixture. You can even go ahead as many like it and add, agave syrup or maple honey if necessary and even put a few ice cubes in the mixture to make a thick frosty smoothie.

Freeze the fruits

To always have fresh smoothies regularly, you don’t need to add ice. It is an excellent idea to stash the fruit into the freezer. In this way, you will not only prepare a chill smoothie but retain the flavor and nutritional value of the fruit.

It is advisable to take your bananas to peel, slice and then freeze on a tray that has baking parchment sheet before they turn brown while in the fruit bowl. Sandwich bags are also a good alternative for storage as you can always remove them and put into the best portable blender whenever necessary. When using them to prepare a smoothie, it is good to freeze fruits like melon and strawberries which hardly freeze well. Another good way to provide a great value is to acquire frozen smoothie packs which enable a good fruit mixture from the supermarkets.

Put some creativity

You don’t have to become rigid once the basic tips of preparing for a smoothie are at your fingertips. You need to add various flavors to the basic recipe. Before blending with the best portable blender, you can add a spoonful of cinnamon, vanilla essence, grated nutmeg or cocoa powder. You are likewise free to sprinkle some toasted chopped nuts, flaxseeds or whole oats to create some texture in the smoothie. It will keep you fuller for a long time as it gives you a great taste.

Finish off with some goodness

Fruits and vegetable mixture can give you an excellent surprise favor that will leave you yearning for more. It is possible to make a super-nutritious and delicious drink with fruits and vegetable blends using the best blender for green smoothies in the market.

For a simple green smoothie that offers you detox benefits try blending: banana, kiwi, coconut water, spinach and grated apple. You can also add vegetables kale, tomatoes and grated carrot or beetroot to your best blender for green smoothies in the market.

It is also crucial to add some protein to your smoothie so that it becomes a more rounded meal, especially during lunch or breakfast. To give that protein boost, use the best juicing blender to blend the smoothie with a spoonful of peanut, nut butter or protein powder or even some tofu. Some people have the habit of putting raw eggs that seem rocky into their mixture. But, in a true sense, the absorption of raw eggs is poor compared to cooked eggs.

All-in-all makes sure to use the best juicing blender to juice and prepares a healthy smoothie that will revitalize your both as it tastes delicious.

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