Ninja Master Prep QB900B Professional 2020 Review

In case you may be planning to go to the market to look out for a personal blender that can assist your own smoothies, I suggest you try to consider the ninja master prep qb900b. It is a blender that operates with extreme speed and precision as it is built using high-quality quad technology. Ninja blender and food processor is an all in one machine that has a food chopper, food processor and blender in one blender unit enabling it to chop fruits, vegetables or even ice to turn it into a smoothie.



  • It has a 16 oz. food processor unit that entails a microwave and dishwasher safe On-slip base that enables it to efficiently chop, slice, grate and shred harder foods.
  • Ninja is a 48 oz. blender unit that consists an easy to pour, dishwasher and microwave safe, spout and a non-slip base that enables it to mix softer foods and easily make smoothies.
  • There are 2 custom storage lids on both the processor unit and food processor unit that keeps long the ingredients in a fresh state.
  • ninja blender and food processor has a unique lightweight and compact design with makes it easy to store and highly portable.
  • Its one-touch pulsing button is ergonomic and easy to operate so as to effectively control the action of the blender.
  • Each of the compartment has a blade set and two sized bowls for handling both small and large quantities.
  • The unit has an Anti-spill splash guard that ensures cleanness when working as it prevents messing up the situation when in the blending process.
  • Quad technology Powerful ninja master prep professional blender blade that easily crushes ice with uniform precision.


Sharp Blades

The ninja blender and food processor quad blades are the outstanding feature in the ninja food blender. The blades of the blender are of high standard and sharper than any other compact blender. The four cutting planes set to different heights ensures that everything put into the ninja blender and food processor is chopped and blended in a quick and efficient manner.

Motor On Top

Ninja Master Prep QB900B has a unique design as its motor is put on the top of the jug which is in contrast with a majority of blenders around. Its motor is located that way to prevent food from collecting on the device as it will drip off and on prevent leaking of the unit as there is no bottom opening. The 400-watt interchangeable motor easily blends and processes food at any time.


ninja master prep food processor is a compact device that is able to fit in the minimal space. It can, therefore, fit well on the countertop without causing interference or enable you to store in the tiniest spaces when switching between several uses.



Operates manually: ninja being a blender that is operatable manually is sometimes frustrating for some people. Although its operating is not such a big problem as it is able to blend at a fast speed, it is not an ideal situation when you have to hold the button each time you need to blend. It would have been more convenient to use if it had an on/off button.

It might cause some discomfort as you will have to place the blades first before putting the food due to the top-down position of the ninja master prep professional blender’s blades.

In a nutshell

Ninja Master Prep QB900B is a very fantastic compact blender that does hardly any wrong. It is able to do a great slicing and blending job due to its ninja quad blades and the top-down design of the motor. In spite its manual operability, ninja master prep professional blender is a high-quality blender that is able to operate as a food processor, food chopper, and a blender at the same time.

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