Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set 2020 Review

Magic bullet mbr-1701 17-piece express mixing set is a versatile blender with two interchangeable stainless steel blades that chops, grinds, grates, and blends a variety of foods. Its containers are freezer and microwave safe so that it can be used to cook sauces, natural dips, omelets, juices, and smoothies. The magic bullet juicer has a compact design that is flexible and easy-to-use.


2 stainless steel blades: all the blades do not need sharpening and are dishwasher safe. magic bullet juicer has 1 flat blade for whipping liquids like creams which are food based and also grinding other hard foods like seeds.

1 tall bullet cup; the cup is microwave, freezer and dishwater safe which makes it good for preparing large smoothies.

4 party mugs; magic bullet blender 17 piece set’s mugs are also freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe which makes them ideal for medium-sized smoothies preparation.

1 short bullet cup; the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe buller cup is good for making party foods, smoothie shots or natural dips.

1 shaker top: it evenly distributes ground ingredients like parmesan cheese or black pepper as magic bullet mbr-1701 17-piece express mixing set can merely fit in all the 6 cups.

4 colored comfort lip rings: the rings that fit on all the 6 cups enable you to distinguish the various smoothies that are prepared.

1 steamer top: after chopping the food, the top allows you to steam it.

2 stay fresh re-sealable lids: magic bullet juicer is able to keep fresh all the concoctions that you will have blended.

1 high torque power base: within less than 10 seconds, you will easily chop, grind, grate and blend various foods using its power.

Compact design: its design enables you to store in the kitchen cabinet well.

Easy to operate “press down” design: you will just need to take the ingredients, put them in one cup, then, press them down on the power base.

Recipe book: magic bullet blender comes with a 10-second recipe book that shows you how to use the magic bullet blender and also any additional healthy eating tricks and tips.

Warranty: you can replace or repair freely when it stops working as magic bullet blender 17 piece set comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons



Flexible: the magic blender can do other tasks apart from making smoothies. As mentioned in the features section, the blender can whip, grate and grind just any food type. Even if you purchased the magic bullet mbr-1701 17-piece express mixing set for preparing smoothies, you are free to use it while cooking omelets, sauces and other things due to its flexibility.

Ease of use: you will not have to struggle to reach out to the hard areas or waste time to wipe around the fixed blade as the blades of the magic bullet blender 17 piece set are easily removable and then later cleaned on a dishwasher or sink.

It takes a few minutes to remove the lids and cups, place them in a dishwasher and then easily clean them.

Compact: its compact construction makes it small enough not to take up a lot of space. It can sit on the kitchen counter-top without cluttering the kitchen.

Ease of use: the magic bullet is a flexible easy to use a blender. You can be able to weigh out the portion sizes easily using either the large, medium or small cups. The magic bullet blender 17 piece set blender has also the innovative steamer top and shaker top that allows you to sprinkle or steam the concoction without removing the blender cup. Using a magic bullet is pleasurable due to these great time savers light touches.


Unsuitable for processing hard foods: When it comes to processing frozen foods and harder foods or even crushing ice, the magic bullet is not better in its performance. Although magic bullet mbr-1701 17-piece express mixing set doesn’t perform terribly badly, it doesn’t match its competing brands as it poorly processes the hard foods and even takes longer.

If you want a juice that has ice in it, you will have to crush them separately and then mix to dilute. So, for hard foods that need bulky food processing and blending requirements, it is better to look out for another model.

Grinder performance is limited: magic bullet juicer’s grinder performance is one of the attributes that pulls the magic bullet backward. Its grinder is set to be functional but it will not be able to give a super fine consistency grinding to the ingredients.

To wrap it up

The magic bullet mbr-1701 17-piece express mixing set has received a lot of customer reviews praising it that it works excellently on soft foods and makes marinades, tapenades, salad dressings and even whipped cream and make emulsions.

But, if you plan on processing a lot of hard food or grinding, you are better off checking other blenders. However, the Magic bullet is a nice blender that fast mix any food variety.

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