Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press 2020 Review

Whenever you are looking for a commercial citrus juicer that can cater for home juicing needs it’s advisable that you buy an industrial grade manual orange juicer. Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press is one such industrial grade juicer that is able to squeeze out sufficient orange juice amounts while retaining its nutritious taste.

And in that line, it would help a lot if you are able to acquire a manual orange juicer model that does not compromise on the quality and nutrients of the juice. Another reason that makes Jupiter rank in the top five list is that it is one of the machines that can double up both as a home and a professional juice extractor.

Its ability to generate freshly squeezed juice makes Jupiter Juice press amongst the most reliable commercial grade home juicer appliances.


Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press is able to press various juices from a wide variety of veggies and fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits, and lemons and it can also perfectly generate pomegranate juice. The commercial juice press is able to produce gallons of juices within a minimal time which makes this device a great help both in the household and a busy commercial establishment. Therefore, Jupiter Juice press can be very beneficial especially during the summertime when there are guests who require plenty of juice amounts to quench their thirst.

Its simplicity of use is one of the things that makes Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press one of a kind juicer that many desire to have in their kitchen. It’s a manual orange juicer that will not tire the person using it. You will not apply a lot effort to push down since it has a 3 pinion design that applies a maximum pressure amount with a slight push.

Jupiter Juice press is nice juicer that can act as an additional decoration centerpiece that looks great in the kitchen. It happens to be the most cost-effective way that you can squeeze your daily juice. It effectively and easily squeezes every single drop of the nutritious juice from a fruit so as to economize on the produce that is becoming expensive these days.

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press has a large ergonomic handle that provides maximum juicing leverage of fruits. It is firmly glued to the working surface by the four rubber suction cups located at the base that prevents it from tilting when operating. If you are searching for a cheaper alternative to the Hamilton, then, this is it! Since it a juicer that can also produce a high quantity of juice in a fast manner.


  • Easy to wash funnel and cone parts and also dishwasher safer.
  • The commercial juice press is built using durable cast iron and stainless steel.
  •  An ergonomic rubberized handle capable of handling 2300 pounds.
  • An extra leverage quality and a strong heavy base to enhance juicing.
  • Exceptionally squeezes oranges to juice as well as other fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and limes.

With a stainless steel design and a heavy-duty base, Jupiter has favorite features that qualify it as a good long-term juicer investment.

Pros and Cons


Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press leaves no problems or defects when juicing oranges. It is even amongst the best commercial juicers around that can effectively generate orange juice.

From, its manual, it is noticeable that this juicer has an easy to use and simple design and function.

Its medium compact design is a perfect size that can be stored and fit anywhere in the kitchen. Its storability is also enhanced with a collapsible option that easily folds up.


You will have to hold a bit while juicing since its feet base is a bit small in length that can easily tip.

The juicer has high pressure that can even juice the fruit’s skin and some people may not like that scenario. Hence, to avoid this, you need not squeeze hard whenever you are juicing.

The Bottom line


It now clear that Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press is definitely featuring amongst the top juicer list. Out of the many juicers we have reviewed, this one an efficient orange juicer machine on the market. Other juicers that are on the high-end market are usually sometimes heavy and difficult to operate. But, Jupiter Juice press is beyond this issues as a user can comfortably operate it. Although some may criticize it for having small feet, its design and performance make up for this discrepancy.


Therefore, Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press is a heavily durable, extremely efficient and easy to use an industrial juicer that can juice several citrus fruits, especially oranges. If you intend to juice oranges adequately then I suggest you use this juicer but if it is limes and lemons, then there are also other several options that are available on the market. So, the choice remains yours but if you may ask, Jupiter Juice press is a good juicer to bet on.

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