Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Better?

To an individual who is new in the drinks industry, juices and smoothies may seem like the same kind of drinks. Although both the drinks come from fruits and vegetable drinks, these are two significantly different drinks. Smoothies have a thick and smooth consistency of finely chopped vegetables and fruits ingredients that has a lot of fiber. While juices have only the juice content of vegetables and fruits that is left after the pulp was removed during the juicing procedure.

Both juices and smoothies can improve your nutrition and health through adding them to your diet. But caution should be exercised when going to the store to buy the products as some of them are full of sugars, calories and preservatives. Let us now examine the two healthy drinks to see between Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Better?


Since juicing process removes a lot fiber, juices will concentrate more calories than smoothies. Know that some fruits contain a lot calories heaped up when juicing fruits. But, you can decrease the calories that juice can have when you juice a good vegetables proportion.

Constantly, the zero calorie fiber that smoothies have makes smoothies a low calorie option. However, it is easy to find some ingredients like seeds, nuts and yoghurt to give out high calorie smoothies.


Blenders are cheaper to purchase than juicers. In terms of the ingredients, juicing involves high ingredients costs. For instance, to produce juice more fruits will be needed to make a glass of juice as compared to the same glass of smoothie as juicing involves removal of the pulp.


Juices allow you to absorb the nutrients efficiently whether phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins as they contain no fiber. It allows people to get a wider variety of vegetable nutrients as it is more palatable to take vegetable juices than vegetable smoothies. However, lack of fiber can reduce bowel health, blood glucose and many more.

A green smoothie are like whole foods as they contain all the nutrients and fibers are beneficial. However, your body might absorb nutrients less efficiently as smoothies usually have lower concentration of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins.


Juices are less filing and lighter with a more concentrated taste compared to smoothies. While smoothies are quite filing and have a bulkier texture but their flavor is less distinct.


Blending is simple compared to juicing making it to be faster. Juicing will take a lot time to prepare compared to a smoothie. For instance, if you want to make a juice out of an apple, a banana and a handful of leafy greens, you will have to take some time to cut them into small pieces. Later, you will also consume some time to feed the pre-cut ingredients into the juicer. But in the case of a smoothie, you will just put the ingredients into the blender and wait for few seconds (maybe 25 to 30 seconds) and the smoothie will be ready.

Cleaning a blender is also easy but for juicer you will need to disassemble the pieces so as to scrub them clean. However, when it comes to consuming, it is faster and easier to drink juices as they are lighter and less bulky than smoothies.


Due to its making process, juices are more susceptible to oxidation than smoothies. Several experiments also show that the oxidation rate of juices it a bit faster. Therefore, it is advisable that as soon as you prepare the juice, you don’t take a lot of time to drink it.

Green smoothies on the other hand are able to stay with a lot of nutrients for a long time as they so do not oxidize at a fast rate.


Juices are a better hydration option as they are no pulp. Juices provide an optimal option as they are good in quenching the thirst even if smoothies still have water.


Running are important part of fitness. Green smoothies can be able to fuel you for a long distance if you are a runner.

But, since juices are without fiber they will burn faster and therefore be unable to give much fuel compared to smoothies. During your active days, juices can make you feel hungry all the day as they lack protein.


After reading the above article, you now know the difference between juicing and blending. Both juices and smoothies promote healthy living as they provide other options of absorbing vegetables and fruit nutrients instead of consuming it wholly. Don’t forget to invest in the right juicer or blender, if you need to prepare juices and smoothies at home instead of purchasing them. The right equipments will ensure that you get juices or smoothies that are high of nutrients.

Some prefer on drink over the other due to their individual merits. But, both drinks if consumed at a regular basis can positively impact your health. So, you will answer yourself when you get both drinks and find out between Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Better?

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