Best Twin Gear Juicers

Twin gear juicers aren’t many in the market but just a handful. Therefore, making the right choice when it comes to these kinds of juicers isn’t a big deal after all. More so, you will only spend a little time to pick the best twin gear juicer you desire.

However, to stumble upon these juicers you out to have been researching very vigorously on this topic. twin-gear juicer are often referred to as triturating juicer since they are able to grind, rub and ultimately pound a variety of fruits or vegetables so that they are very find. The process of generating juice usually occurs very slowly resulting to the highest possible results that can be generated and at the same time giving out highly nutritious juices.

Although Twin gear juicers work in a similar way as cold-press or masticating juicers, they are built using industrial-strength materials and as a result apply more muscle strength in making the juices.

Understand one thing; this gadget is not suitable for a noob who just needs to be preparing healthy drinks occasionally.

Enthusiasts who have an appreciation for nutritional benefits that regular drinking of veggie and fruit juices bring are the ones that should grab a hold of these juicers.

Beauty/ health conscious people seriously investment in juicing because they are aware of the physical and mental health that it rewards.

If you are one of those, we will help you find the best twin gear juicer to buy.

Favorite Twin gear juicers to buy

To enable you get the best value, we have carefully reviewed many twin gear juicers available in the market.  Out of those, we have picked the five top-quality models on our list that we believe are the best twin gear juicers.

Model Speed/ motorWarranteeRatingPrice
110 rpm10 Years Motor & Gears, 5 Years on Wear and Tear4.1 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
86 RPM10 Year Manufacturers Warranty5.0 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
160 rpm10 Years on Motor, 5 Years on Operational Parts3.8 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
80 RPMs15-YEAR WARRANTY covering parts and performance4.6 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
110 RPM15-YEAR WARRANTY 4.3 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE

1.    Super Angel Pro​​

It longest two gears usually run at a slow rate of 82 RPM and nothing more. Such a slow speed in a good way helps ensure that not only more juice amount is produced but also enables the juices to preserve the nut for a longer shelf life. It is pride as one of the lowest triturators around.

The juicer has also other smart automatic features like automatic reverse for jamming prevention, automatic self-adjusting speed control for heavy load detection. Most customers who have used Super Angel Pro allude to the fact that the modifications and upgrades made this juicer’s overall efficiency to escalate.

Though it is not that affordable, Super Angel Pro is the dream of most juicing purists around. Super Angel Pro emanates from the very same family as Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE and other angel juicers.


2.    Super Angel Premium Deluxe

Another juicing machine that is much more similar to pro is the Super Angel Deluxe.

Most people prefer it since Super Angel incorporated high specification improvements to the machine through upgrading it to a fully auto model.

The speed of this twin is kept low enough at 82 (similar to that of pro) to ensure that no drop of juice from the veggies and fruits goes to waste. In addition, this speed makes all the enzyme to remain intact giving you the benefit to consume highly nutritious juice after the process is over.

Its food grade stainless steel body housing the same 3 powerhouse gears is made to look fashionable.

All-in-all, this juicer is similar in functionality to pro as it has other functions such as auto reverse, auto anti jamming and auto cooling.


3.    Green Power KPE1304

Green Power KPE1304, a Samson Brands product, is our recommended budget-friendly pick. Although this juicer is low cost and smaller compared to other juicers that are in our list, it is still way above in terms of pricing; and can be categorized as one of the more expensive twin gear juicers. Another crucial advantage about it is its portability ease; meaning that being a very light weight juicer one can carry it and store easily. A handle fitted on the juicer is also meant to make transportation convenient.

Spinning of the juice is usually high at around 160rpm which is capable of ruining the nutritional quality of juice. However, not all hope is lost since the twin-gear juicer has a bio-ceramic and magnetic technology incorporation that maintains nutrients and minimizes oxidation. Another good side is that a neighbor won’t wake up when running this juicer as it only produces a hiss noise.

Notable features of this model are twin gears with recessed cutting teeth, an outlet adjustment knob, an on / off / reverse switch and a comfortable handle.


4.    Omega Juicers TWN30S

One of the commendable thing about Omega is its excellent lineup of masticating juicers. Surprisingly of the brand is that it has now decided to offer an affordable twin gear juicer alternative. Now that is good news to the twin gear juicer market, which usually has limited options.

You can easily find resemblance of the twn3 to NC900or NC800 but the set of augers makes the machine to defer from the two. In comparison, with other standard masticating juicers, you will find out that this omega twin gear juicer gives you the advantage of juicing high yields using any ingredients.

Finally, the extra food processing features it possess proves that it is an Omega.

Besides running at a blending speed of 160, the durable stainless-steel gear help it to crush the food fed on it. How, many find that speed relatively high as it generates heat that destroys couple of nutrients.

Adjusting pulp levels to the desired customization options is certain with this prod as it entails two juice screens. One of the juice screens will give you a coarse texture while the other will refine the pulp even further.

In addition of having a handle, the omega twin gear juicer weights at 14.3 lbs., which is very lightweight meaning you can easily carry around.

For non-stop use there is an automatic pulp ejection while for quick assembly there is a lock latch. It is evident that this twin gear juicer has an easy-to-use design.


5.    Tribest GSE-5000 – Best Overall Twin Gear Juicer


The tribest twin gear juicer comprises of two stainless steel bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears. While you may think that the gears is all steel, this is not the case as the tips are plastic. It actually juices at a slow speed of 110 RPM, thereby reducing oxidation and preventing nutrients from being eliminated in the process.

One can be able to set the desirable pressure amount for pulp ejection using the pressure adjustment mechanism. It also compromises a reverse function that prevents jamming.

Tribest GSE-5000 which is available either in white plastic or chrome also has homogenizing accessories. Those attachments turn the juicer into a homogenizer or food processor enabling you to create frozen sorbets, salsa or own butter.

However, one detrimental thing about the tribest twin gear juicer is that it entails a very bulky design that tends to occupy a lot of countertop space.



Buying Guide

We hope you have carefully looked through the twin-gear juicers above and now you have a clue on what you need to choose. But, to go even further we are providing you this helpful buying guide to help you cement your final decision wisely. We therefore give you some additional details about the most crucial features we think would count most when it comes to choosing the correct and perfect twin gear juicer.

a)     Speed

Speed in a juicer is measured in terms of rpm (rotations per minute). However when it comes to choosing the best twin gear juicer, you should opt for a lower rpm instead of a high rpm. Reason being that with a lower rpm doesn’t disrupt cellular structure of the fruit and vegetables. Meaning that beneficial and essential nutrients and enzymes remain intact. Therefore, you will have the benefit of consuming the most natural juice.

As you search for the appropriate juicer, try to look amongst the twin gear juicers that have a speed of less than 12. For instance, all the two super model both run at a speed of 82 which is fabulous.

b)     Motor power

Although the property might not be that significant, power of motor on the model might count for an energy smart person. Such an individual relies on the model’s wattage to gauge the energy consumption. of the device. A twin gear juicer with more wattage has a powerful motor that costs higher. The power of the motor usually determines the energy that the juicer will need to function properly. However, before this attribute becomes a cause of concern, you need also to consider other specifications.

c)   Warranty

An expensive juicer gives you a short warranty coverage. Since twin gear juicers usually cost higher and are often used numerous times on a daily basis, you need to look for a model that has adequate warranty. Try to look for a product that guarantees you a minimum of 10 years warranty.

d)      Maintenance

The twin gear juicers require utmost attention to details since they are bulky.  In actual sense, they usually have more parts that you will need to disassemble in order to wash after you are done with the juicing process. To ease up that burden, you should go for a best dual gear juicer that is easy to assemble and disassemble thereby easy to clean and quick to maintain. In that way, accessibility to the internal components is quick when you want to clean it.

e)      Feeder Tube Size:

Different shapes and sizes exist in the market. You need a wide chute or feeder tube that is able to accommodate most various foods without having to chop them. The speed at which you can be able to push food through the machine depends on the feeder size.

However, the twin gear juicers you will find in the market usually entail small feeder tubes. In such a case you will be forced to cut the food ingredients to a small size that can fit the chute. So in case you stumble upon a machine that has a wide chute, don’t hesitate to pick it.

f)      Dimensions

A couple of twin gear juicers that have higher specifications tend to occupy quite a significant portion of the counter space in your kitchen.  For that matter, constantly displaying they might look awkward and nuisance to some individuals.

So, you need to keenly check the structure as well as the dim of the twin gear juicers to ensure that a juicer doesn’t occupy too much space on the count.

Such a situation usually occurs when the juicer is accompanied by many other add accessories and tools.

g)     Efficiency:

To get the same amount of juice as a better quality from a cheap juicer you will need to purchase more vegetables and fruits. Fortunately, in terms of efficiency, Twin gear juicers normally have the highest compared to the other juicers around.

Just like anything else, “you get what you pay for” with juicers.

h)      Extra accessories

Juicing vegetables and fruits is what your twin gear juicer is meant for. But, you might at some point want to do more than just to make juice. In such a case, you need to acquire a machine that has a couple of extra accessories, for instance, homogenizing accessories.

This juicer will enable you make fabulous juices as well as prepare wonderful foods.

And, if cleaning is the issue, you can find some specific cleaning tools in a couple of models. One good example of a model that offers homogenizing accessories and cleaning tools is the Tribest models.



We are now confident you have adequate info about twin gear juicers that can enable you settle on the right choice. We have explained what they are, how they work and what properties to take into account whenever you want to shop for such a machine.

Out of the juicers, Tribest’s GSE-5000 stood out overall best twin gear juicer due to its enormous feature. The device has an anti-jamming reverse function, the bio-ceramic and magnetic technology, easy to clean and versatility in use.

Whatever you decide to choose just remember that a high twin gear juicers will enable you enjoy various healthy drinks for years to come.


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