Hamilton beach 932 commercial citrus juicer

Every individual who wants to juice needs the best juicer that is on the market today. But, the best juicer depends on the needs to be catered for and the type of juicer an individual desires. One of the best hand press juicer models you can find on the market is the Hamilton beach 932 commercial citrus juicer.


The Hamilton Beach has a different design from other manual juicers that usually have a maneuver and unique press functionality.

It is a classic-looking citrus juicer that is built using an acid-resistant solid metal that entails an enamel finish that makes it easy to clean.

Strainer cone: as the juicer juices, the funnel and strainer cone will separate and block the peel, pith, oil, and pulp from entering the juice cup. Hamilton beach 932 also allows you to prepare for the next juicing session as the strainer is easy-to-clean and removable.

Swing out drip cup: most manual citrus juicers have the drip cups that prevent the juice from dripping to the floor. Its drip cup can swivel to the sides so that glasses (larger collection cups) of height about 5 inches can be put.

This juicer’s drip cup is very user-friendly allowing you to collect the juice efficiently and easily that keeps your countertop clean.

Rack-and-pinion gearing: this system can sometimes be hard to understand, Hamilton beach juicer is one of the best features that any manual juicer can possess. If you are juicing fruits like grapefruit and oranges that require a lot of pressure, some juicers might slip out of the countertop as you push. A rack and pinion gear system ensures that all the pressure goes down directly to the squeezer to prevent it from damaging the counter.

Pros & Cons


  • Hamilton beach 932 can powerfully perform for the juicing task as it entails a set of heavy duty gears.
  • You can clean it easily whenever you have finished the juicing job as it is easy to remove its funnel and strainer cone.
  • The Hamilton beach 932 commercial citrus juicer machine carries out the juicing task with minimal or no arm strength pressure as it has unique press functionality.
  • It has modern juicing gears in its rack and pinion system
  • To allow for maximum and efficient juicing output the Hamilton citrus press exacts a pressure of about 2000lb.
  • It’s one of the long-lasting citrus juicers you can find in the market.


  • Although it gives high satisfaction, some may find hamilton beach 932 quite expensive.
  • Storing in some kitchen cabinets can be an issue as it is pretty tall.

To wrap it up

If you are searching for a high-quality citrus juicer that can generate sweeter juices as it keeps away extra oil, then the Hamilton juicer is an appropriate machine to consider. This unit is also good in the production of large quantities of juice as it can squeeze hundreds of fruits (lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruit). Instead of acquiring a cheaper juicer built of flimsy material that damages the kitchen counter, just acquire the Hamilton Beach 932 citrus juicer model.

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