Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender With Travel Lid 2020 Review and Analysis

It’s unhelpful to your health to start your day with a rush through your breakfast. Instead, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you will need a nutritious beverage that a personalized-size blender can easily provide. Investing in a Hamilton Beach 51101b Personal Blender With Travel Lid enables you to blend delicious tasty and healthy smoothies similar to the one that many smoothie restaurants provide at a low cost. With an impressive blending capacity, compact design and ease of use, the blender is cheaper than most of its competitors.


  1. The Hamilton beach blender is ideal for on-the-go portability scenarios and small living spaces due to its compact design.
  2. It is equipped with a 175-watt motor that provides efficient and reliable performance for chopping up seeds, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients into delicious smoothies.
  3.  Its blending jar (14-oz., BPA free) is portable enough to fit into several car drink-holders.
  4. Fresh or fruits can easily be blend into favorable shakes and smoothies using its durable stainless-steel cutting blades.
  5. Its lightweight and compact design minimize the carrying and storage space.
  6. Hamilton Beach 51101b contains a drinking lid (dishwater safe) with a spout that easily sips the liquid and minimizes unnecessary spillage.
  7. This Hamilton beach blender is great or preparing smoothies, marinades, salad dressing and baby formula.


Low price:
The Hamilton Beach 51101b Personal Blender with Travel Lid is a machine to consider when your resources are constrained. It is amongst the cheapest blender models that you can find on the market as it comes at a price of less than $15.
Ease of cleaning;
The three-piece design doesn’t cause any problem when cleaning. Some people normally complain that blenders have a lot of areas that are hard clean. But, after finishing preparing your smoothie, you can fill Hamilton beach blender with a hot soapy water, rinse it and later leave it to dry.
Good design;
its great design consisting of three parts (which are the glass, lid, and base) simplifies the assembling work it will require for it to be ready for use. Apart from the compact design that makes it not to take a lot of storage space, its easiness to carry around will allow you to enjoy some smoothie when you are on-the-go.
Pulse button control:
The Hamilton beach blender is different from any budget blender as it comes with a pulse button. It is a nice feature that not only enables you to control the blended drink’s consistency but also it texture.


Limited motor power:
Its limited motor power is a major drawback of Hamilton Beach Blender. It will need to be regularly pulsed and paused to avoid burning out the motor especially when a lot of ingredients involved to generate the smoothie as it is not designed for heavy functionality.
A small blade:
when buying this Hamilton Beach 51101b, one of the vital consideration is usually the blending speed. However, you will have to spend more time blending fruits and vegetables since this model has a small blade that isn’t as efficient as the large blades that other premium models usually have contained.

In a wrap

Apart from being economical in price, Hamilton Beach Blender has an excellent design that eases using, cleaning and carrying. While it might not be as efficient or powerful as other blenders that you may find in the market, it does a nice job in delivering favorable, natural and healthy smoothies that you can easily enjoy with minimal costs. So, save on your blending efforts through getting the Hamilton Beach 51101b Personal Blender With Travel Lid equipment

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