Essential Commercial Juicers: Analyzing Ways for your Juicing Business in 2018

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Probably you have come across the idea of juicing and want to start juicing. You may have your juice bar, smoothie bar or think of opening your bottled juice company. Faint not! Juicing is an awesome and fulfilling business if you have the right commercial juicer and morale.

To gain awesome juicing benefits that cater to your customers’ needs, it’s advisable to acquire the best commercial juicer that the market can offer.

One might think that a ‘juicer is simply a juicer as long as it juices!’. Well, that may be far from what is factual.

Any juicing machine is evaluated regarding;

      • The juicer type
      • Juicing Recipe
      • Your budget
      • Durability and maintenance
      • Warantee

Vital points for the juicing machine selection

As you are well aware, fruits and vegetables nutritional benefits are undeniable, but drinking them boosts the nutrient’s absorption. For those who have been at some point in the juicing business can confirm that any juice is as better as the material used and the juicing machine.

Now you have gotten the point that it is vital to invest in an efficient and reliable commercial juicer for your business. Selecting a nice juicer starts on you brainstorming on several things.

    • What should I take into consideration when buying the equipment?
    • How do you need it to function?
    • What is the juicer equipment that will bring value for your money?

Main type of Commercial Juicer categories

Horizontal Auger-Style:

Some people are comfortable referring to such types as cold-press or masticating juicers. They usually crush and mash whatever vegetables or fruits before pressing the produce. All this juice extraction process runs smoothly without producing any heat, which qualifies it to name as cold-press.

These masticating juicers mimic what we do with our oral cavities during natural chewing and masticating process. They are a great way of juicing leafy vegetables as they chew them at a much slower speed compared to centrifugal juicers. There slow speed increases efficiency as it reduces foam and heat generation.

Vertical Auger-Style:

This kind of machine is a new entrant into the juicing market. It working principle is the same as the horizontal auger, only that its auger is placed in the vertical angle. This means that you will gain all benefits that would accrue from utilizing a traditional masticating juicer save for its upright design.

Trust me! Its yields are good, and also the juice produced from these kinds of commercial juicers are quality as they run quietly. It can be very convenient though not versatile as horizontal one owing to its narrowness, pulp outlet location, and it also requires pre-cutting of fibrous greens to prevent clogging.


Juice Extractors/Centrifugal juicers:

The juicers are the most common juicers ideal for those who want to spend less time on juicing. They utilize the mechanism of metal disk rapidly revolving at a high-speed velocity against a mounted mesh filter so as to extract the juice from the pulp. The centrifugal force operating in such a model works powerfully to separate the juice in a veggie or fruit from the fleshy part.

The juice will pass through the strainer while disposing the pulp in a separate container. Although they are efficient at producing fresh juice they are not suitable when using leafy vegetables like kale and wheat grass. Also, one has to drink it within 20 minutes when it still fresh before it is oxidized and the enzymes are eliminated. All-in-all to achieve the best juicing experience, centrifugal juicers are the best models to bet on.

What is the best juicer to use for commercial juicing purposes?

Surely, this is not a simple question to answer. All the machines entail both pros and cons making the juice extractor buyer compromise on some issues. You might find a juicer that is fast may be loud. While the one that quiet may be slower in speed than usual.

A commercial juicer may be excellent at juicing leafy green vegetables while when it comes to soft fruits, it may be dumb. A machine may be good at its performance but very difficult when it comes to cleaning. In short, consider this, no machine out there is assumed perfect, but there is the machine which perfectly suits your needs.

What should you settle on?

There are several elements to look for on any commercial juicer machine before making your important purchasing decision. You can check on elements such as food types for juicing, ease of use, price, ease of cleaning, noise, daily juicing time, quality and juice yield.

Knowing the most important elements that you value amongst this will greatly help you decide the juicer that will satisfy you. The juicer that you will enjoy using a regular basis to serve your needs at best is the best juicer for you.

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