Best orange juicer machine for your needs in 2020

It is always a joy to jumpstart your morning with a glass of fresh juice. To institute such a morning routine in your home, you will need to find the best orange juicer machine from the market. As not every machine can be regarded as an orange squeezer nor every available juicer designed to handle delicate citrus fruits. In the market, you can find orange juicers that can squeeze the citrus fruits to extract nutritious juices.

Amongst the citrus juicers categories, there are two specific orange juice machine types. We will highlight the electric and manual as we delve into the citrus juicer types. As we analyze the best orange juicers in the market today, we will provide you with the best tips.

Manual orange juicers

In essence, a manual orange juicer operates manually just as its name suggests. You manual effort will be needed when operating the best orange juicer machine. You will have to wash and place the citrus fruit of you have chosen choice onto the cone of the juicer. Then, using your effort, pull the leaver of the best orange juicer machine down so that the juice oozes out of the citrus fruit. It is a good option for reducing the carbon print or in areas where camping is needed as only effort instead of an electric current will be needed to operate such machines.


  • needs only minimal space
  • Its portable, thereby, needing no current.
  • nutrients will not be destroyed as there is no heat.


  • Consumes a lot of time
  • Requires a lot of workforces
  • It is not able to produce large juice quantities rapidly.

Electric orange juicer

The operation of the electric juicer is similar to that one of a manual juicer only that no effort will be needed to operate such a best orange juicer machine. You will simply need to start the electric motor in the machine and see as the juice flows. You will not need to do an arm workout if you possess one of these units to generate fresh juice. It is a juicer type that is appropriate for a person who needs the fast production of juice. It also has pros and cons, while it is expensive and larger, it also works in a faster way to produce juice compared to manual juicers.


  • efficient in juicing
  • produces juice in large quantities
  • its most common feature is the pulp control and a strainer


  • has a relatively higher price
  • not portable
  • its size is large
  1. Eurolux Electric Stainless Steel Orange Juicer Squeezer

This Eurolux model is a fantastic lower-cost option that suits any household budget. Although this juicer might not measure to par with its celebrated competitors, it has gain a significant amount of recommendation.

Pulp amount left behind after this particular orange juice machine does its job, is minimal. Therefore, those who like to sip pure juice will find it perfect but those who enjoy the pulp might not have a really nice time. Be that may, you can still scoop some from the tray and put it into the glass you want to drink.

Ease of use of the Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer Squeezer is evident as it is very basic. Busy guys may find it an appealing option because of its simplicity- from the time when the fruit is inserted after holding down the lever to the cleaning process afterward.

If you intend to use on a thing that exceeds light, personal use, you should not expect much from this juicer. The main reason is that the device needs to be stopped from time to time for a breather. However, you just need to juice a handful of oranges in the morning, the device is up to the task.

Therefore, any one that just needs juice in minute doses will find this Electrolux model extremely ideal. In particular, if you are beginner in juicing and still are not sure whether juicing is suitable for you, this is a device that is recommended for you.

Eurolux electric orange juicer is lowly priced compared to the Breville since it has a lot more plastic pieces than the former one. If you want an occasional freshly squeezed juice, you might find this appliance perfect.

Besides juicing oranges, those who are interested juicing lemons or grapefruit will find plenty of joy using it.

2. Zulay Orange Squeezer – Manual Citrus Press

In case you want a reasonable priced professional orange juicer machine that can be used commercially, consider the Zulay Professional citrus juicer.

Its easily detachable and washable parts makes the cleaning task effortlessly and enjoyable. In every step of the way, you will get the feel of a professional juicer as both its feel and look is sturdy.

Besides juicing orange, you can comfortably juice any citrus you want, be it lemon, lime or grapefruit without pits or seeds getting into the juice.


3. Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

If you are a lover of pulpy freshly squeezed juice, the Cuisinart CCJ Pulp Control Citrus juicer is a great pick.

The amount of pulp that can be in any fresh juice that is prepared is usually controlled using its low, medium and high settings.

Besides having dishwasher-safe parts, it also has a final spin feature that enables you to get the most out of a particular fruit (even to the very last drop of citrus).

With the presence of a cord storage, you can easily move it or store it whenever you wish although it doesn’t have the rubber feet like other electric orange juicers.

All-in-all, what this small yet productive machine offers can only be found in few competitors on the market.


4.  Breville 800CPXL Orange Juicer

In any situation, you can feel happy with this perfect compact all-round tool; the 800CPXL.

Therefore, any household that desires to get a freshly squeezed glass of juice on a daily basis, can rely on this one-size-fits-all tool.

Breville 800CPXL is built using high-grade stainless steel that gives a super sleek design finish outlook. With that, you will realize that its look is far much better than many other press orange juicer models currently on the market which are often large and unappealing.

Any citrus fruit you might probably think of can be juiced using this machine as its juicing cone allows any of orange, lime, and lemon piece to easily fit.

Even your kids can make their own juice without getting injured as it entails a safety feature that prevents the rotator and motor from turning unless one presses the handle down.

Although we cannot guarantee you that this Breville 800CPXL Orange juice squeezer is an affordable model but we can bet on its attractive functionality and great features.

Ideally, we recommend this Juicer machine for those people that have a busy lifestyle yet they need a quick fresh orange juice glass.


5. Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer

This electric juicer is one of a kind that entails a Smart Flo patented system that facilitates total elimination of pulp in the juice.

In comparison to other electric juicer counterparts, what makes it stand out is the Adjustable cone design that allows it to juice small citrus like lemons and even large ones such as grapefruits.

Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer is a high-quality stainless steel equipment with an ultra-quiet 110V motor and an easy to squeeze rubber handle.

Besides being durable, its internal parts are elementary as well as easy to clean and wash.

Whether you want to squeeze big sized oranges or small juicy lime, the efficiently designed cone works to deliver it.

You will use a Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer for a long time since the overall structure is durable and above that a 2-years warranty gives you a peace of mind in case of any problem.


6. Tribest CitriStar CS-1000 Citrus Juicer Review:

Tribest CitriStar CS-1000 Citrus Juicer is powerful electric orange juice maker with a 50W motor that operates quietly.

As a one-touch operational juicing machine it is able to extract fresh juice from oranges, grapefruit and even small lemon.

Cleaning is easy after juicing and no clogging occurs, thanks to the built-in stainless steel strainer.

Pressing down on the orange to juice it is not tiresome as you will not have to push very hard like other juicer machines.

Performance of this juicer is much better than electric juicers that are higher priced. So far, no complaints have been gotten from those who purchased this machine.

It’s actually an amazing investment of money when you compare its price vs its features. The juicing fun that you get from this well-designed and durable citrus electric is fantastic.


 7.  Chef’n Freshforce Citrus Juicer

As a real force for freshness, this handheld juicer is able to squeeze fresh orange juice in a quick way.  For those who want to have a stationary manual press, but have a small worktop space, Chef’n Citrus Hand Held Orange Squeezer is the machine to acquire. The dual gear mechanism makes it ideal for the people that have trouble with their wrists or hands since it reduces the hand fatigue that might come about due to application of a lot of pressure.

Metal parts’ strength and quality feel alongside the amount of juice it produces has attracted good ratings from users. Ease of cleaning and durability is also another thing that is commended about this juicer.


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