Best Masticating Juicers 2020

In case you are not contended with preparing just juice but fresh, healthy and best-tasting juice one, you need to acquire the best masticating juicer.

With such a juicer you will produce very nutritious and high-quality juices from fruits and vegetables. Most of the juicing experts also suggest that masticating juicers are able to attain more nutrients compared to centrifugal juicers.

After conducting various studies in the market, we have come up with a list of some of the best masticating juicers available.


80 rpm
2 years
80 rpm/2 hp
110 rpm
Up to 15 yrs
45 rpm

60 rpm
Up to 4 yrs
80 rpm
1-Month Free Trial & Lifelong Technical Support

a. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

The leading masticating juicer is Aicok Slow Mastication Juicer Extractor. Besides masticating juices, this machine can also function as a multi-purpose juicer able to make other products.

Since its auger spins at 80 RPM, which is slower compared to a centrifugal juicer, this Masticating Juicer tends to have a higher nutritional value.

Essentially, the aicok masticating juicer preserves vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and other minerals from being crushed. Actually, 60 to even 70 percent of nutrients remains in yield which is much better than that gotten from a centrifugal juicer. You tend to prepare better tasting and longer lasting juice than its centrifugal counterparts since oxidation is reduced as it spins low.

Cleaning the juicer is easy as assembling and disassembling it is easy. You only need to spare some few minutes to do that job.

The 150 watts motor runs effectively with low vibrations and noise due to the special decelerating gear.

If you are looking for a lower price range top juicer, Aicok Slow Masticating juicer is the best choice to consider. Users can also benefit from its excellent customer service


b. Omega NC800 HDS

In the juicing arena, Omega is well known for manufacturing high quality juicers. The Omega NC800 is one such juicer. As a heavy duty juicer, it runs at a low speed of 80 RPM reducing oxidation and heat buildup. It’s powerful 2 HP, 150 watts motor runs effectively and efficiently thereby producing less noise.

The dual stage masticating extraction and the adjustable end cap encapsulates multiple adjustable settings.

Besides five different juice extraction and output settings, there are five caps that enables you to make different foods in addition to the juice. Due to that fact, many know it as a “Nutrition Center” capable of turning nuts into nut butter, extruding pasta dough, making baby foods, mincing herbs, grinding spices and coffee, making frozen desserts and much more!

Even though lots of extra components are inputted in Omega NC800, one of the component that stands out and distinguishes omega masticating juicer from other Omega products is the larger feed chute. This feature enables you to minimize the amount you spend in prepping the necessary ingredients for juicing since you will only do a little pre-chopping. The good thing is that most of the Omega juicers have a 15-year warranty period!



c. Green Star Elite​

In case you desire to make cold press juices especially for juice fans that visit your small business, then Tribest GSE-5000 is one of the juicers available for that job.

As one of the best heavy-duty commercial masticating juicer in the market, the Tribest juicer maximizes both the juice quality and yield.


One of the reason this juicer is more expensive than your average juicer is that it enables you to make several other  items that your juicer is not capable, for instance, bread dough’s, nut butters, baby foods, frozen food sorbets and pates.

With the Jumbo Twin Gear feature you will benefit from better performance and extracts more juice compared to almost every other Twin Gear cold press, centrifugal and masticating juicer you might find in the market. Therefore, this is one of the unique design about GSE-5000 that makes it to stand out.

Tribest has a low speed motor, just like all other masticating juicers, which works at 110 rpm. Such a speed is much slower keeping oxidation at bay thereby not destroying enzymes in the process making juice.

GSE-5000 is durable since it is made of stain-resistant nylon and stainless steel.

Unlike any other on the market, GSE-5000 is actually a complete masticating juicer renowned for its three different types of teeth and other functions that commence the blending process.

Mixing of the ingredients with the juice is done perfectly as the juicer cuts, slices and triturates those ingredients at around 110 chews per minute. If you don’t wish to eat fruits and vegetables, you may as well drink their juice.

A 15-year household warranty and a 3-year professional use warranty is entailed in its extensive warranty protection.

Some of the functions you get from it cannot be found in your average juicers that is why its price is quite high compared to other juicers.

Another thing that makes Tribest the best slow juicer in the market is its readily available dedicated Customer Service team.

Therefore, Tribest GSE-5000 is the juicer of choice if you want a cold press masticating juicer that can as well make other products besides juice.

This juicer is one of the safest, healthiest and best masticating juicer since it is a BPA free juicer.


d. SKG Juicer

In health, home and beauty electronics sector, SKG is a leading name that has produced its popular SKG cold press masticating juicer.

This high-end model is loaded with designer features in addition to an attractive juicer with a champagne finish.

In comparison with centrifugal juicers, the juicer operates at low speeds and maintains oxidation minimal giving out fresh, more nutrient-rich and delicious juice. Its 240 watt motor usually runs at a speed of 43 revolutions per minute. You can store the juice produced for a long time.

The cold press masticating juicer juicer enables you to get high yield ultra-natural tasty juice that is packed with nutrients. As such, Juices generated are great-tasting and healthy since there is no quick-rotating blades that produce heat in the juicing process.

Chopping is not needed before adding ingredients as the model has wide chute that may permits larger items but resist clogs.

As one of the best masticating juicers, it’s actually a solid pick for any juicing aficionados as it offers plenty of value for the money.


e. Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor with Slow Cold Press

Searching for the best masticating juicer that can fit your smaller budget? You can surely get one in the market. Mueller Austria MU-UJ-1 Ultra Juicer is such a machine that offer the best value for your money.

Cutting the produce prior to juicing is not necessary as the juicer has a large, three-inch feed chute. Besides being a heavier 12.85-pound juicer that spins at a very slow 60 rpm, the juicer has on, off, and reverse options simple interface and a built-in pulp filter.

If you want to generate plenty of pulp, this is the best cold press juicer to buy since it produces quite high pulp levels. However, cleaning the pulp chute of this machine is actually more difficult.

Preferably, use this best masticating juicer to juice fruits and dryer produce like greens. Users that register their Mueller product with the manufacturer benefit from a free two-year extension in addition to a two-year warranty.


f. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Any health-conscious individual in need a fresh glass of juice each morning should consider the Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor. The juice you get from this model is 20% more in yield and contains 30% more nutrients compared to centrifugal juicers.

Heat build-up and oxidation is not an issue as its cold press juicer auger operates at a lower speed of 80 RMP. Extraction of solid foods such as carrot, kale, spinach, green apple, potato, cucumber, and wheatgrass is done effortlessly.

Actually, this model preserves almost 90% of the nutritional value & natural food color that’s why most people prefer it for preparing green food like celery juice.

Although it has a good 150-watt motor that rotates at a slow speed of 80 rpm, the juicer extractor is somewhat an expensive option that is not that durable and doesn’t extract much juice.

However, this model weighs reasonably at 11.1 pounds and runs quietly as it produces noise less than 60 decibels.

The cold press masticating juicer package entails a sturdy stainless steel filter and a cleaning brush as well as a couple of useful features like dishwasher-safe Tritan removable parts, a safety lock, a reverse function and a seven-spiral masticator.

Although it is not durable and generates a wet pulp meaning that doesn’t fully extract the produce, it’s easy to use and quiet. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer comes with a 2-year warranty and a one-month free trial.


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