Best manual Citrus Juicers in the market you should know in 2020

Choosing the best manual citrus juicers is one of the greatest juicing choices you can make at the start of the year. It will enable you to maintain frequent juice supply to your home.

With the New Year onset, comes lots of resolutions; some of which involve weight loss and healthy eating. Healthy habits in food is not all about eating less food but consuming the right and adequate nutrients amounts that are beneficial to the body.

A good manual juicer can enable you to harness maximum amounts of necessary nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables that cooking is unable to provide.

Why you need the best manual citrus juicers

As opposed to an electric juicer, you require own muscle effort to power a manual juicer press to squeeze the juice from the fruit. Manual juicers do not need electricity to operate which means that there will be no noise that will cause any disturbance to the home environment. Best manual juicers are usually cheaper and easier to clean compared to other kinds of juicers.

The bursting form of citrus juice makes it the easiest fruit that anyone can juice. Unfortunately, most common machines in the market are weak when it comes to dealing with citrus fruits.

Masticating juicers that are designed to crush tough ingredients usually do not perform well when dealing with citrus fruits. The machine will leave a small amount of juice as they create a soggy mess while centrifugal juicers usually waste a lot of citrus juice when they leave the wet pulp.


A Manual citrus juicer has a special reamer that accommodates the citrus fruits shape fully thereby wringing all the juice from the fruit. It is convenient for juicing several citrus fruits whether oranges, lime with less hassle and least work.


Manual juicers usually take five times the amount of time that an electric juicer will require to generate the same juice amount. It also involves a lot of struggling as it needs a huge amount of strength to press the vegetables into juice.

With all the manual juicers in the market, it can be a challenge when choosing the right juicers.

It is now clear that to squeeze an orange or any other citrus, whether at your juice bar or home you will need the right appliance for the job which is a manual juicer. Most best manual citrus juicers that are hand operated can be categorized as either pressers or reamers. Citrus press juicers can further be classified into heavy duty presses that prepares large juice amounts using all citrus fruits and small hand squeezers fit for small citrus fruits like lemons and lime.

Best manual citrus juicers

Juicer Type
Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer9.39 pounds 1-year 4.7 stars
Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press10 pounds2 years4.3 stars
Kitchen Kraft Large Manual Commercial Juicer14.55 pounds-4.3 stars
Lexen GP27 Original Healthy Juicer
2.43 pounds1 year4.0 stars
New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer14.8 pounds1.5 years4.2 stars
  1. Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer

After spending a lot of time reviewing several juicers that are currently performing well in the market, I can confirm that the Hamilton beach is one of the best manual hand press juicers we have encountered. Unlike other manual juicers, its maneuver and unique juicing functionality design make it stand out. It’s efficient as it doesn’t need much energy to operate — only a little. It also has no noise that may distract as electric juicers.


  1. Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

Some people perceive Jupiter to be amongst the expensive manual juicers that the market can offer, but its high pricing is not in vain since it has the quality features and material that match it. As one of the best manual citrus juicers, it can juice well any vegetable or fruit as it is built using the strongest stainless steel and cast material that enhances its durability. For extensive review on Jupiter, you can click here and check it out.

Its thick base prevents it from toppling over as its long handle provides extra efficiency for chopping tough vegetables and fruits. It is surely a beautiful manual citrus juicer that will do a splendid job when it comes to juicing citrus fruits.

  1. Kitchen Kraft Large Manual Commercial Juicer

One of the power-packed manual commercial juicers that are well exhibited in the market is the kitchen kraft commercial juicer. The manual juicer guarantees you maximum juice amount from any ingredient that it uses owing to its powerful pull-down mechanism and long handle feature.

It can juice numerous vegetables and fruits such as grapefruits, lemons, apples, and pomegranates. It built using durable, high-quality materials and also has a heavy base that enhances its stability.


4.  Lexen GP27 Original Healthy Juicer

Most of us are aware of how wheatgrass possess healthy gold mine in nutrients and minerals. There are few choices of manual juicers that can handle wheatgrass even though numerous masticating juicers exist in the market.

Lexen Healthy juicer is a manual juicer that possesses a wide array of features that enable it to juice effectively wheatgrass and other vegetables like lettuce and spinach as well as fruits like grapefruits, oranges and apples.

The Lexen Healthy juicer has a nice look and a strong stainless steel construction that enables it last for many years.

     5. New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer

In most hotels, restaurants and other juicing establishments it is common to see a high-quality manual juicer such as the New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer. This manual juicer press can be able to generate fresh and delicious citrus juice in thousands of liters while withstanding any use and abuse.

The device has a long-lasting cast iron and an ergonomic rubberized handle that ease griping and avoids wrist or hand injuries. The heavy base that entails a suction feet enhances stability that allows the citrus juicer to stay on one spot when juicing.

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